Best Solar Powered Home Upgrades

Sun Tunnel Sunlit Stairwell

The right home improvement projects can reduce your energy consumption and bills, but none compares to solar-powered home improvements. Multiple solar-powered home improvements can make your home eco-friendly, greener, and livelier. Nebraska homeowners upgrading their homes should work with leading solar home improvement experts such as The Skylight Guys to achieve perfection in their home upgrade projects. The following are a few highly recommended solar-powered home improvement projects to consider.

1. Skylights - 

The up-front costs of Skylights can look unrealistic until you have the system installed and your monthly energy bill graph starts moving downwards. A lot goes into finding and installing the perfect Skylights Whether you need more natural light and fresh air or a more open and inviting feeling, Skylights with shades are an easy addition that can bring any room to life.


2. Sun Tunnel Daylighting solutions

Light your home in style while keeping your energy costs within manageable rates when you upgrade your home lighting with energy-efficient, durable, and affordable Sun Tunnel systems from Velux.
By working with a qualified solar design consultant, you can select the right tubular daylighting and nightlight solar lighting system with the appropriate configurations for your home size. A well-sized and skillfully installed daylighting system with superb features and functionality can enhance your home lighting while cutting lighting energy costs.

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3 Install solar-powered LED downlights

Solar-powered downlights by RediLight are a cheaper alternative to boost overall home comfort. Qualified Nebraska solar specialists can gauge your home lighting needs and design to suggest the best solar-powered LED downlights for the whole year. Premium-quality solar-powered LED downlights collect energy from the sun and send it to Daylighting fistures to keep your home well lite. There is also a option to connect the downlights to your exesting electricity to power them during the night or on cloudy days. These lights also have a dimmer available so you can customize the lighting to your personal likeing and needs.

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4. The best Daylighting soultions for your home 

Choose any or all of the above options to get the full benifet from daylighting. Have a professional Daylighting expert to evulate your households daylighting demands so they can install a system that's perfect for you and your needs.

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