Got a Hail Damaged Skylight ?

Replace with a Velux Hail Proof Skylight

Omaha Hail Damage skylight repair
Hail Damaged Skylight Repair

Hail season is here for Nebraska and the Lincoln, Omaha Metro areas.
Last season The Skylight Guys secured, repaired, and replaced several hundred hail damaged skylights that were damaged in the hail storms. Just one of the storms last season caused millions in damages just in the Lincoln, Omaha Metro areas. With more storms on the horizon, The Skylight Guys has reformed their skylight damage response team to provide quick response to mitigate damages and temporarily cover a variety of glazing materials until a permanent repair can be made.

temporary cover

Velux Hail Proof Skylights

velux hail proof skylight

After the many hail storms that frequent the Lincoln, Omaha Metro, many of our customers choose to upgrade their old, outdated, Hail damaged skylights to the Velux hail proof skylights. These high-tech and modern skylights are put through many extremes, including with standing a one inch ice ball at fired at 180 mph at several impact points.

Velux Hail Breakage Warranty:
For a period of ten (10) years from the date of manufacture after January 1, 2014,
VELUX warrants to the end-user that VELUX Skylights with Clean, Quiet and Safe glass only, will not crack or break because of hail.

I word to the wiser,

Many homeowners that receive insurance money to replace hail damaged skylights find themselves asking, “My skylight doesn’t look damaged and isn’t leaking, should I still replace it?”

The answer is always and most definitely “Yes!”

Here’s why: Your roof is somewhat built to accept and resist impact, your skylight isn’t. More specifically your skylight seals are not. While the seals might not be leaking it doesn’t mean they have not been compromised and might in the near future begin to leak.

Sometimes.... insurance adjusters just overlook the skylights, If you suspect you may have damage to your skylight having a seasoned professional on your side is a good idea. Contact us and we'll have a educated look at your skylights to determine if they are damaged or not

Velux, a leading manufacturer in the window and skylight industry, issued a letter on the topic. This letter can be used to persuade your insurance company to release the funds for replacement of skylights after a hailstorm.

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