Skylight Replacements Lincoln

Skylight replacements in the Lincoln Nebraska area
have unique design elements to be considered.

The majority of skylights installed in the Lincoln metro area prior
to the year 2000 are Velux brand skylights.
Therefore when replacing a skylight in the Lincoln area the
most logical replacement brand would be a Velux skylight.
However in 2006 Velux made some modifications to their standard sizes,
The newer units require different rooftop placement and additional interior trim considerations to be addressed.
If the venting skylights are not placed properly it can be difficult to service them.
Here at The Skylight Guys we are Certified in the Installation, repair and maintenance of Velux skylights.
So you can rest assured in knowing that your skylights will be properly installed with our 10 year no leak guarantee
and will serviceable and last for years to come.

Velux Skylight Repair Lincoln near me

Velux VS series
before replacement

Velux Skylight solar powered near me lincoln

Velux VSS series
After replacement

Skylight Replacements Lincoln 1

Velux VSS series
after replacement

A typical VELUX skylight replacement
happens in two worry-free phases.

Step #1:  The Rooftop

Depending on the circumstances such as roof pitch, interior light shaft depth and shape, and weather, installations can take between 2 and 4 hours. The rooftop portion of the replacement includes removing the roofing material around the old skylight inspecting the substrate and making any repairs. Removing the old skylight. Then installing a new skylight and replacing the roofing materials.

Step #2:  The Interior

This usually takes less then a hour, and can consist of fitting the skylight to the existing drywall shaft or installing trim to make the unit fit correctly.

Then we remove and haul away the old skylight along with any other debris.

We tarp the flooring to catch any debris. and will put up a plastic curtain around the area if need be. We will make every effort to protect your home’s interior from dust and other installation debris.


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