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Sun Tunnel Skylights – FAQS

A Guide to Rigid & Flexible Sun Tunnel® Skylights

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Sun Tunnel Skylights are an excellent choice for bringing natural light into your home. They are energy-efficient, easy to install, and require minimal structural changes. Here’s why Sun Tunnel Skylights are a great choice:

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Sun Tunnel Tubular Skylights

(also known as Sun Tubes. Tube Skylights or Solar Tubes)

Where traditional windows and skylights are not an option, adding a Sun Tunnel skylight can be a cost-effective way to bring more natural light into the heart of your home.

Sun Tunnels are a lot easier to install than you might think. In about 90 minutes, The Skylight Guys will simply cut a hole into the roof from outside your home, and another hole in your ceiling from inside; a flexible or rigid reflective tunnel will then be inserted to connect the holes. The tunnel is highly reflective, so bright, clear sunlight streams into the room below. And Sun Tunnels are super-efficient, as they cost nothing to operate, you’ll have light as long as the sun’s in the sky (and, if you add the optional night-light kit, you’ll have light at night, too),  A new VELUX Sun Tunnel can be installed for as little as $550 after solar tax credits.

Read on to see how a VELUX Sun Tunnel skylight can transform any interior space in your home.

Bright & Beaming Kitchen

Sun Tunnel Kitchen near me lincoln

VELUX Sun Tunnel skylights provide natural task lighting in the center of this kitchen,
illuminating the island and workspace.

And when the sun goes down, VELUX now offers a solar-powered night light that will illuminate the area beneath the Sun Tunnel. Designed to discreetly fit inside your VELUX Rigid Sun Tunnel skylight, the VELUX Solar Night Light provides your space with a soft, soothing light from above when natural light isn’t available.

Did You Know?
You are eligible to receive a 30% federal tax credit on your entire VELUX Rigid Sun Tunnel skylight product and installation when paired with the VELUX Solar Night Light. Learn how to live lighter,  here.

Brightened-Up Guest Bath

Sun Tunnel Bathroom

No windows? No problem. This small powder room gets a much-needed boost of brightness, thanks to natural sunlight streaming in from above.

VELUX Sun Tunnels are available with a range of decorative diffusers to enhance interior aesthetics and increase visual appeal.

solar powered night light

Radiant Shower Space

The unique tiling in this shower offers a gorgeous focal point for the bathroom. And here, a VELUX Sun Tunnel skylight brings in a source of natural light that reflects off the surrounding walls, creating a sparkling jewel-like effect.

Designer: Studio DIY

Shown here: VELUX Sun Tunnel skylight

Sun Tunnel Bathroom Shower installation

Light & Bright Laundry

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Daylight streaming in from above is sure to make laundry day a little bit brighter.

Shown here: VELUX Sun Tunnel skylights

Help For Narrow Hallways

Interior spaces and passageways can feel closed in without the benefit of natural light. But this slender space feels open and welcoming, thanks to an abundance of natural light from above, white walls, ceiling, and floor, and oversized, colorful artwork.

Shown: VELUX Sun Tunnel Tubular Skylights

Sun Tunnel installation near me in Omaha

Sunlit Stairwell

What to consider before adding a skylight

Hallways and stairwells are often afterthoughts in home design, but they offer a unique opportunity to become interesting focal points. VELUX skylights are optimal for catching light from all angles, and paired with a VELUX Sun Tunnel skylight in the darker alcove, they create a sense of airiness and space.

Shown: VELUX Solar Powered "Fresh Air" SkylightVELUX Sun Tunnel Skylight

Well-Lit Work Space

Sun Tunnel Office

This striking home office with deep-plum walls gets a bright boost, thanks to stimulating natural light shining in through a quartet of VELUX Sun Tunnel skylights.

Did you know that natural light can also contribute to better productivity? The Global Impact of Biophilic Design Human Spaces report demonstrates that proximity to natural elements such as greenery and sunlight in the work environment is associated with a 15 percent increase in both well-being and creativity, and a 6 percent increase in productivity.

Are you ready to live lighter? For more information on Sun Tunnels, skylights, and accessories, visit whyskylights.com

Amazing : Sun Tunnel Skylights
We install many Sun Tunnel Skylights each year
(also known as Sun Tubes or Solar Tubes)
We recommend Rigid (solid Tubes) and only install flex tube when absolutely necessary.
Ridge Tube is 20% brighter on average but can be as much as
60% brighter on longer tube lengths,
Additionally only sun tunnels with the ridgid tube qualifies for the solar tax credit.
That tax credit saves an average of $300.00 per unit for our customers
Please visit our Facebook page to see the dramatic difference between
Rigid and flex tube installations.

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Velux Sun Tunnels NOW qualify for a tax credit
when a solar night light is installed

Save 30% federal tax credit

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