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VELUX Solar Powered Skylight :

Letting natural light and fresh air into your home has never been easier.
The revolutionary No Leak Solar Powered "Fresh Air" Skylight features a solar panel that captures any available daylight and uses it to recharge a highly efficient battery that opens and closes the skylight. There is also a rain sensor that closes the skylight automatically, in case of inclement weather.

Velux VSS Solar Skylight
Introducing the:
Velux Go Solar Skylight System

This all in one package includes a

  • Velux Skylight
  • Velux Solar powered blind
  • Remote Control

Available in the

  • FS Series (Fixed Skylight)
  • VS Series (Manual Venting Skylight
  • VSS Series (Solar Powered Venting Skylight

This all in one skylight system qualifies for the Federal Solar Tax Credit. Allowing the consumer to take a Tax Credit of 30% of the total installed cost when the they file thier tax return.


  • Now you can enjoy the fresh air and natural light it brings into your home for less. With a 30% federal tax credit, homeowners receive an average of $800.00 with tax credit eligibility.
    A skylight that thinks for itself.

      Smart sensor-based operation of your VELUX skylight, and blinds.
    VELUX ACTIVE is the easiest way to create a healthier indoor environment in your home.
  • All day, VELUX ACTIVE monitors your home’s temperature,
    humidity, and C02 levels and compares them to the weather outside. It works by learning what you like then automatically adjusts your skylight and blinds to match your comfort level. It does the thinking for you.
    That’s the best part.
  • The solar panel works on sunny days or cloudy days  It does not need to be in direct sunlight to function.
  • It also comes with the No Leak Promise - a 10-year installation warranty.
    Plus 20 years on insulating glass, 10 years on the skylight and 5 years on blinds and controls.
    See VELUX warranty brochure for complete details.
  • For light control, the Solar Powered "Fresh Air" Skylight comes with your choice of 10 factory-installed blinds, or you can choose from 60 special order blinds.
Velux Active - Starter Kit Includes - Internet Gateway, Climate Sensor, and Departure Switch

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