Velux Go Solar Skylight System

Introducing the:
    Velux Go Solar Skylight System

This all in one skylight system qualifies for the Federal Solar Tax Credit. Allowing the consumer to take a Tax Credits of 30% of the total installed cost when the they file thier tax return.


The Velux Go Solar System includes

  • Velux Skylight
  • Solar powered blind
  • Remote Control

Available in Deck Mount

  • FS Series (Fixed Skylight)
  • VS Series (Manual Venting Skylight)
  • VSS Series (Solar Powered Venting) Skylight
  • QPF Series (Pan Flashed Fixed Skylight)
  • EF Series (Self Flashed Fixed Skylight)
  • EV Series (Self Flashed Venting Skylight)

Available in Curb Mount

  • FCM Series (Fixed Skylight)
  • VCM Series (Manual Venting Skylight
  • VCS Series (Solar Powered Venting Skylight
Velux Go Solar Skylight

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