Replacing A Bubble Skylight

Once upon a time in the 1980s, bubble skylights experienced a boom in popularity. While a novelty for the time, old bubble skylights are sorely outdated in today's roof window industry.

Many homeowners with bubble skylights can be hesitant to replace them, citing costs and installation time as their main worries, however

With a VELUX Skylight, those worries can easily be put to rest.

Omaha Hail Damage skylight repair

Replacing A Bubble Skylight

Bubble skylight issues aren't uncommon:
The plastic gets discolored from years under the sun, trapped shower condensation caused mildew stains in the light well, Most have inadequate flashing systems and eventually they crack and leek.

The benefits of replacing a bubble skylight with a VELUX Solar Powered "Fresh Air" Skylight far outweigh trying to repair it, especially if it appears the bubble had already been repaired at least once before.

A new VELUX skylight has a much better performance than those old bubble skylights, The glass is insulated to prevent heat from passing through to the room, and you can add blinds for light control. Plus, you can open the skylight to bring in fresh air and allow moist air from the shower to escape."

A Velux Replacement

By Frist Removing the old bubble skylight Then replacing it with a new VELUX skylight. We install the all-weather underlayment and VELUX engineered step flashing to assure the skylight will be weather-tight.
Then we finish it off by re-installing new roofing material and trimming the inside if necessary.

Naturally, the time of the project will vary with how many replacements are required, but it shouldn't take long at all. For example, a typical replacement job can be done in a single morning.

And, even if it's a replacement, if you install one of VELUX's solar-powered skylights or a fixed skylight with a solar powered blind in place of the bubble, you will becomes eligible for a 26% federal tax credit on product and installation.