Sun Tunnel Skylights Rigid vs Flexible

Flex Sun Tunnel Tube
14" Sun Tunnel with Flexible Tube
Rigid Sun Tunnel Tube
14" Sun Tunnel with Rigid Tube

Sun Tunnel Skylights Rigid vs Flexible

Sun Tunnel Skylights Flex shaft vs Rigid shaft
which one is right for your space


Using natural light in your home reduces your energy consumption and lowers the cost of utility bills, and letting natural light in through windows and skylights can improve your overall health as well.
It increases your productivity, improves your sleep, and boosts your mood.
Sun Tunnel® skylights are one way to expose your home to sunlight. Here’s a guide to Sun Tunnel skylights and which type is the right fit for your home.

What Is a Sun Tunnel Skylight?

Traditional skylights are windows mounted directly onto your roof, but this means only rooms directly below your roof can benefit from natural light. A Sun Tunnel is a tubular skylight that is also mounted on your roof, but this variety extends down through your attic or loft and into your living space. Your second-story, window-less office can get a boost of natural light by installing a Sun Tunnel.

There are two types of Sun Tunnel tubing available.

Flexible Tubing

Flexible tubing is the easiest to install because it is so malleable. If your Sun Tunnel is going through an attic or loft used for storage, a flexible tube is best because it can be installed around objects. It is also ideal if the tunnel is going to be shorter. Flexible tubing softens sunlight in shorter tunnels, so the light isn’t too bright.

Rigid Tubing

Rigid tubing is preferred when there is a clear path through your attic or loft. It can be adjusted slightly, but you shouldn’t plan to use the space for storage in the future. Otherwise, you’ll have to store items around it. Because it creates a brighter white light, it is ideal for longer tunnels and rooms where you want an abundance of natural light.

Sun Tube night Light

Did You Know? You are eligible to receive a 30% federal tax credit on your entire VELUX Rigid Sun Tunnel skylight for both the product and the  installation when paired with the VELUX Solar Night Light. Learn how to live lighter, here.

We install hundreds of Sun Tunnel Skylights each year
(also known as Sun Tubes or Solar Tubes)
We recommend Rigid (solid Tubes) and only install flex tube when absolutely necessary.
Ridge Tube is 20% brighter on average but can be as much as
60% brighter on longer tube lengths,
Additionally only sun tunnels with the ridgid tube qualifies for the solar tax credit.
That tax credit saves an average of $300.00 per unit for our customers
Please visit our Facebook page to see the dramatic difference
between Rigid and Flex tube (shaft) installations.

Sun Tunnels are the perfect solution for dark rooms that can’t support traditional skylights.

   You can count on The Skylight Guys for exceptional skylight and Sun Tunnel installation services.
For nearly 40 years, they have been helping the Lincoln and Omaha, NE, area keep utility bills low with high-quality, sealed Sun Tunnels.
Learn more about Sun Tunnels on our Sun Tunnel page here
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