How much does it Cost to install a skylight in 2024

How much does it Cost to install a skylight in 2024
In The Lincoln Nebraska and Omaha Nebraska areas

How much does it Cost to install a skylight in 2024

This page of cost estimates covers skylight (roof window) cost,
cost factors, retail prices and more.

You wanted to replace that old worn out skylight or add some
natural light to your home or office in 2023
But......... you didn't get around to it.

The price to has gone up  by approximately 7%
mostly because of material cost.

The most recognized name in skylights had price increases on their residential line of 3% in March 2024, on most of it's residential products.
Their Commercial line of products Has gone up 7-10% increase do to a price increase in raw materials such as aluminum and Glass. There has also been a rise in the cost of logistics (the cost of delivery). The most dramitic increase is in the cost of their solar powered blinds for their FCM series, Velux will only offer factory installed blinds for room darkening blinds (White), this meens that the cost of any other blind will go up around $300.00. While any other series FS, VSS Etc. will increase by $75-$100.

Sun-Tek Skylights probably the second most used skylight manufacturer hasn't seen a increases yet but there will be one around June of 10-12 %. Again because of the cost of raw materials.

According to The Skylight Guys,
A Certified Skylight Contractor for Velux Skylights, Sun-Tek Skylights and Wasco Skylights (Velux Commercial Division), Located in the greater Lincoln Nebraska and Omaha Nebraska area, says that their operating cost also increased by approximately 10% in 2023, and forecast operation cost to rise again this year.
However they haven't passed this cost along to their clients yet as of the time this article was written and hope to be able keep the cost down for at least the upcoming next couple of months.

if replacing that old skylight or adding more natural light to your home or business
is still a priority then the best to act would be sooner than later.
Pricing will likely rise when material cost go up in March
Velux has a annual price in the first of March each year and
Sun-Tek usually follows with a increase in May or June.

Ken Clover,
The CEO of The Skylight Guys says " We will have to adjust our rates accordingly as we use our inventory to reflect the next price increase and usually do so in mid February."
However he stated that if you contract the work now you can lock in the lower prices because they will be using inventory that is already in stock.

Below...we compair basic skylight cost 

$1,650 – $4,000 per Skylight
$1,900 - $4,600 per Skylight

Most professionally installed skylight windows cost between
$1,850 and $4,400 per window but can get more expensive depending
on size, placement and options.
Read on to explore the cost factors
that will allow you to form a more
useful target price range for your skylights installation.

Average Skylight Installation Cost

The average cost to install a skylight in 2024 is around $2,850 for a new install compared to $2,500 in 2023 when you hire a pro handle the installation. That is a price increase of about 10%. This cost includes the skylight itself, all labor to cut a hole in your roof, adding headers, flashing and proper waterproofing around the skylight, as well as any cleanup required after the skylight is installed. It will go up if you want the labor to include building the light shaft, doing the drywall work and trim work, The cost also will fluctuate depending on the type of roofing material you have and the height and pitch of your roof. Added cost could include an opening skylight, blinds, extra insulating properties,  or the length of the shaft. Some skylights are venting (opening) and others are motorized for opening and closing both the skylight are operated with with a remote control or on a programmable smartphone platform such as the Velux Smart Tech Option VELUX ACTIVE with NETATMO, By installing a Solar powered skylight such as the Velux VSS (Venting Solar Skylight), or adding solar powered blinds to a fixed skylight or a manual venting skylight you can recoup some of that cost. Currently there is a 30% Solar Tax Credit off the total cost
(Product and labor) for Solar powered options.

If you choose DIY installation, you can cut the cost by $500 to $800 on a small skylight window replacement. You can save $1,500 or more on a large window with complex installation or new installs by doing it yourself, even more when the shaft is long and complex but remember the harder the installation the better off you will be hiring a skilled skylight specialist.

How much does it Cost to install a skylight in 2024 1
Cost to install a skylight in 2023
The complete cost for
New installations including
  • Rooftop
  • Light shaft
  • Drywall
  • Finish work
Average Do It Yourself cost would be $2,900 $3,200 per Skylight
Average Contractor Installed Cost is $5,450 $6,600 per Skylight 
Typical Cost Range $2,500 – $6,000 $2,750 - 6,800 per Skylight 
How much does it Cost to install a skylight in 2024 1

Overview of Skylights and Installation

The emphasis here is on residential skylight windows, but they’re suitable for limited commercial use also.The emphasis here is on residential skylight windows, but they’re suitable for limited commercial use also.

A skylight is one of those projects that impact your home indoors.
While your would think skylights are installed mostly from the outside, A new installation requires significant labor in your attic and in the interior of your residence or business, so plan accordingly as you will most likely loose access to use of that area for awhile.
Skylights bring in lots of overhead natural light to brighten any space, something many homeowners appreciate, especially in winter months

Skylight windows are produced in a large range of styles and features.
Sizes start at 16” square, and they can be as large as 48” square
or even larger for custom units.
These and other factors affect their retail price.

Installation complexity must be considered when budgeting for the installed
cost of a skylight window.
For example, installing a skylight during home construction, when the roof isn’t shingled and there isn’t ceiling insulation or drywall installed would obviously costs less than installation on the same house once it is completed. The length of the light shaft will also have some bearing on cost.

Most skylights don’t open (in the US anyway)
Vented skylights open manually or with the use of electric motors and remote controls. Some are solar-powered and can be operated with a app on your smart phone
In summer, opening units allow heat to rise out of them, allowing you to cool down your home more easily. A opening skylight installed in a bath room or kitchen can let out excess moisture reducing condinsation in the winter and can include climate sensors that automaticly open or close the skylight or the blinds on your preset conditions

The potential downsides are that improperly installed skylights might leak.
And while they’re manufactured with insulated glass, they do allow some heat gain in summer and heat loss in winter.
That’s true of all windows.

Product, Installation and Supplies Cost Details

How much does a fully installed skylight cost?
Skylight Window Cost Factors:

There are many factors that affect the price of a skylight window.
The largest are:

Fixed vs Vented –
This is the major cost factor. From least to most expensive are fixed, manually opening, those that open with wired electric motor and solar powered motor for vented windows.

Features –
 Your options that will affect skylight window cost include having a remote control for an electrically vented window, adding a pre-installed blind or insect screen, tilt-in feature for easy cleaning and an integrated nailing fin.

Size –
The larger, the costlier. No surprise there.
A 16×16 window is 1.8 square feet; a 48×48 window is 16 square feet and contains 5 times the material.

Quality  -
When choosing the quality of your skylight window, it’s important to think long-term. Lower-quality windows are less expensive, but will generally have a shorter lifespan and require more maintenance than the more expensive high-quality windows. The glass might discolor, and they are more prone to leaks.

Glass –
Any quality skylight will have standard low-E glass and have argon gas between the paines. However there are aslo Acrylic and polycarbonate units.
Choose Energy Star rated glass, there is Tempered glass for in reach applications, Laminated glass for highter locations, impact-resistant glass for areas that get alot of hail even snow load and white glass options.
The cost will rise dependent or what type of glass you choose but choose wisley most states require Laninated glass for any skylight installed over 8 feet above the living area.

Complexity of Installation – 
As eluded to earlier, Velux claims that complex installation of its skylights can increase cost by hundreds or even thousands. Such complexities include very steep roofs, working through ceramic roofing tile, metal roofing and installing large windows that require the need for the installation of headers and shoring roof rafters and ceiling joist. These complex Installations should really be handled by a Skylight Specialist that is trained in the complete process and has the experance of hands on applications.
Here at The Skylight Guys You can rest assured of professional installtion However if your not in our Our Service Area you can find a certified installer on the Velux website Here "Before you buy find an certified installer"

Replacement vs  – New Skylight installation.
Replacing a skylight will always costs less than adding a new skylight window, since the opening has already been cut. 

New Construction vs Existing Home –
It’s much easier and less expensive to install a skylight in new construction than having to prepare and flash an opening in an installed roof, frame in the shaft and match the existing

Curb mount vs Deck Mount –
Curb mount skylights are raised off the roof deck by 4-6 inches for a pitched roof even more on flat roofs or commercial applications. The curb, or box frame, makes it easier to replace the skylight window in the future. The curb can remain while a new skylight is installed onto it without having to tear into the roofing to replace flashing. Deck mounted skylights are nearly flush with the roof deck and cost a little more. According to The Skylight Guys a certified Skylight Specialists, deck mounted skylights require a roof pitch of 3/12 or steeper to allow runoff to move past the roof quickly without pooling against the skylight frame and a curb mount skylight is good for flat or low pitch roofs. You can see pictures of the different types of Deck, Curb Mount, Fixed and Venting Skylights on The Skylight Guys Facebook Page Here theskylightguys facebook

Our Service Area

Skylight Window Sizes, Priced by Size

Size affects the amount of material used in the skylight plus installation materials to flash, seal and insulate it.

FS Fixed Skylight Sizes - Deck Mount

FS Size Code A06 C01 C04 C06 C08 C12 D26 D06 M02 M04 M06 M08 S01 S06
Outside frame (W"xH") 1514 x
2112 x
2112 x
2112 x
2112 x
2112 x
2314 x
2314 x
30916 x
30916 x
30916 x
30916 x
4434 x
4434 x
Rough opening/ Finished frame (W"xH") 1412 x
21 x
21 x
21 x
21 x
21 x
2212 x
2212 x
30116 x
30116 x
30116 x
30116 x
4414 x
4414 x

View skylight size details

A skylight window is a window that is installed in the roof of your home but greatly impacts your property indoors. The emphasis here is on residential skylight windows, but they’re suitable for commercial use too.

Most skylights don’t open. Vented skylights open manually or with the use of electric motors. Some are solar-powered. Skylights can bring in lots of overhead natural light to brighten any space, something many homeowners appreciate especially in winter.

In summer, those that open allow heat to rise out them, allowing you to cool down your home more easily. In Winter opening skylights can let out esses moisture

The potential downsides are that improperly installed skylights might leak. And while they’re manufactured with insulated glass, they do allow some heat gain in summer and heat loss in winter. That’s true of all windows.Whether the window is fixed or vented (opening) and its features are other major cost factors.

All the factors above are reflected in these sample skylight window prices. Keep in mind that a fixed window with basic features costs far less than a vented skylight operated by solar with a remote control. Those are the extremes. Most skylight windows fall somewhere in the middle of features and cost. Don't forget the factory engineered flashing as it can be required for warranties. These prices are based on the fall 2023 price list from
Velux USA

22 x 27 inch skylights with flashing – $605 to $1,750 - Add $550-$1,100 for installation on most roofs.
Velux C Series:

  • C01 - 21” x 27” | $400 – $1,400 / $464.00 - $1,624.00
  • C04 - 21” x 38” | $455 – $1,450 / $527.80 - $1,682.00
  • C06 - 21” x 46” | $500 – $1,550 / $580.00 - $1,334.00
  • C08 - 21" x 54" | $555 – $1,650 / $643.80 - $1,914.00

30 x 30 inch skylights with flashing – $640 to $2,825 - Add $550-$1,300 for installation on most roofs.
Velux M Series:

  • M02 - 30” x 30” | $420 – $1,350 / $487.20 - $1,566.00
  • M04 - 30” x 38” | $550 – $1,685 / $638.00 - $1,954.60
  • M06 - 30” x 46” | $700 – $2,100 / $812.00 - $2,436.00
  • M08 - 30” x 54” | $825 – $2,375 / $957.00 - $2,755.00

44 x 27 inch skylights with flashing – $9150 to $2,050, Add $650 – $1,600 for installation on most roofs.
Velux S Series:

  • S01 - 44” x 27” | $700 – $1,900 / $812.00 - $2,204.00
  • S06 - 44” x 46” | $915 – $2,650 / $1,061.40 - $3,074.00

Retail Skylight Costs :

This section explores the retail cost of skylight windows based on features.
Most powered skylights come with a remote, though a wall switch can be installed too.
Various deck mount skylight sizes are accounted for below.

  • $300 – $600 | Fixed Skylight Windows
  • $588 – $950 | Manually Vented Skylights
  • $1310 – $1730 | Wired, Electrically Driven Skylight Windows
  • $1310 – $1730 | Solar-powered Motor Driven Skylights
    An additional flashing kit will cost between $112.00 and $130.00

    While a factory installed solar bowered blind will cost between $465.00 or $500.00

    and one for a curb mount skylight will cost an additional $125.00 for a mounting kit.

You can get current pricing or purchase a skylight, flashing,
blinds and accessories at a online outlet like 

Permits, Inspection, Related Costs and Installation Time

These costs are also rising do to material and operating cost

Permits and Inspection Cost


  • $0 – $900 | In most citys a permit isn’t required for basic skylight replacement. When installing a new skylight window, you may need a permit if the skylight is wider than the space between roof rafters and the rafters need to be cut, since structural changes are made. When installing a motorized skylight, an electrical permit may also be needed but not for a solar powered unit.


Related Costs and Installation Time


  • About a Day to a week  | The Rooftop part of the installation takes about a day while the finish work can take a week of partial days or maybe even longer on complex installations. Pro installers who have “done it a thousand times before” move quickly. They will have been to your home prior to the installation date to scope the project and perhaps sketch out the installation. On the day of the installation, they’ll get the opening cut, flashed and prepped, drop in the window, seal it, make roofing material repairs as needed, and be on their way. 


Costs of Related Projects

Roofing –
The best time to install a skylight is when the home is being built or when the roof has been torn off for replacement. You can get an asphalt shingle roof for and average of about $6.50 per square foot. Most metal roofing costs $21-$40 per square foot.

Interior Trim –
May be needed to finish the skylight where it meets the drywall Cost can very dependent on the type and size of trim used.

Ceiling Drywall –
While not possible in an existing home, it’s definitely advisable to install your skylight in new construction before the ceiling is drywalled.

DIY or Hire a Pro?

The average cost to install a skylight in 2024 is $1,850 for a replacement and $6,000 for a new Installation, Prices are largely dependent of if you DIY or hire a professional as installation charges are a big chunk of the total cost especially for a new installation and vary greatly depending on your location and the company you hire. Remember... like most things cheaper isn't necessarily better, especially when you are cutting a hole in your roof. so don't cut corners on a low price skylight or on cheap labor as integrity will probably be compromised.

But is it worth trying to save that cash by doing the work yourself?
If you’re handy, good at following instructions and the skylight fits between roof rafters
(16” or 24”), then DIY is possible.
When structural changes to the roof are required, cutting out rafter sections and forming the skylight frame, hiring a pro is the definitely best way to go, in our opinion. 

Additionally, we advise you hire a professional anytime the skylight is going through existing roofing. The risk of leaking is significant when the window is improperly installed, and the water damage that can occur will make the installation cost look cheap. You can find the cost for professional installation by contacting The Skylight Guys if in the Lincoln or Omaha Areas or you can visit the Velux website to find a certified installer in your area here
"Before you buy find an certified installer"

Our bottom-line recommendation is to hire a professional skylight window installer – and make sure to see their up-to-date license and insurance, so you’re covered if the project goes badly.

Read our Skylight FAQs 

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Now you should have a better understanding of the
Cost to install a skylight in 2024