Residential Skylights

Residential Skylights
Residential Skylights Bedroom

Residential skylights are a large portion of our
installations and replacements.
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Velux and Wasco Skylights

Roof access egress windows

Let in daylight and fresh air and open your home to the outdoors with a VELUX roof window. Available in a variety of different styles and sizes to suit your home and your needs.

Flat-roof windows

Add daylight and fresh air to virtually any room in a flat roofed home with a flat-roof window. Flat-roof windows are available as classic domes and in elegant flat and curved glass designs.

Sun tunnels

Bring daylight through the roof and into the darkest parts of your home with the innovative sun tunnel system. Sun tunnels use a reflective tube to bring daylight through the roof.

Smart home

Automatically create a healthy indoor climate by installing VELUX ACTIVE with NETAMO or add VELUX INTEGRA electric roof windows, blinds and shutters for convenient remote-controlled operation.