Go Solar with VELUX


Go Solar with VELUX

The Sun Provides us with more energy in a single hour than the world uses in a year. So, why depend on energy from anywhere else? Go Solar with a VELUX and see how you can save big: both on your home's energy efficiency and in your pocket

The Go Solar Initiative:

VELUX is making it easier for homeowners to qualify for the full federal tax credit on solar property with its
Go Solar program.

When you go solar by purchasing VELUX solar-powered products for your home, you are eligible for a 30% solar tax credit on the entire cost of your product and installation. Just ask for the go solar option with your skylight to save big

VELUX encourages homeowners purchasing fixed and manual skylights to Go Solar by adding solar-powered blinds, By taking this step and making their skylights and homes more energy efficient, homeowners can take advantage of the federal tax credit, saving themselves hundreds of dollars.”

The estimated cost to purchase and install a fixed skylight is $1,900. However, homeowners can Go Solar by adding a solar powered blind with a free VELUX ACTIVE Gateway to be eligible for a 26 percent federal tax credit on product and installation. With a total estimated tax credit of $494, the homeowner saves $200.

The VELUX ACTIVE Gateway allows the homeowner to operate their new solar blinds with the VELUX ACTIVE smartphone app.

VEUX Go Solar products include:

Qualifying VELUX products purchased and installed by December 31, 2032 are eligible for the full 30 percent credit on the product and installation cost.
For more information on how to claim the 26 percent tax credit before Dec. 31, 2022, visit


VELUX is the world leader in skylights and roof windows and is one of the strongest brands in the global building materials sector. VELUX America products are available nationwide. Consumers can locate local suppliers and installers and access information on skylight selection and the benefits of bringing more natural light and fresh air into the home by visiting www.veluxusa.com or www.whyskylights.com. VELUX skylights are made in America in Greenwood, South Carolina.

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