Light Tube Skylights
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Light Tube Skylights
(Tubular Skylights or Sun Tunnels)

Come in a wide range of sizes

Sun Tunnel Skylights
Q. What is a Light Tube Skylight?

A. Referred to in the trade as a “Tubular Skylight” the VELUX Sun Tunnel® is a portal allowing sunlight into a dark area of a home or office. We usually use Sun Tunnels in bathrooms, closets or dark hallways often in the center of a structure where a skylight would be a poor choice due to the distance from the ceiling to the roof.

Q. How do they work?

A. By reflecting daylight from a rooftop flashing, through a highly polished or mirrored duct, to a ceiling-mounted diffuser.

It is amazing how much light a Light Tube Skylight brings into the room and what a change they can make to a home or office.

Q. Where do you install most Light Tube Skylight ?

A. Most common installations are in bathrooms and hallways, but kitchens and family rooms are close behind. Light Tube Skylights can bring light into the center of a home which is often beneath the tallest part of the attic.
They can traverse up to twenty feet through the attic.

They are a very cost-effective way to bring daylight into living space. We seldom install Light Tube Skylights in bedrooms and we rarely install only one Sun Tunnel on a home.

Q. What is the difference between VELUX and other brands of tubular skylights?

A. We like to think that VELUX Sun Tunnels are the best tubular skylights on the market. They offer a 20 year warranty on their reflective coating, which is a process other off-brand units have trouble replicating.

Beware of cheaper units as they often have trouble keeping the shiny interior of the ducts from crazing or separating from the metal over time.

And others claims concerning a percent of light transfer are difficult to verify.
We do not recommend the flexible tubing or shaft…it just doesn’t provide the light that the rigid product does.

Q. What sizes are available?

A. VELUX manufactures three sizes of residential Light Tube Skylights, 10″, 14" and 22″.
We sell and install the 14″ primarily because it brings in so much light.
The 10″ is often used in older houses where the distance between the structural lumber does not permit a 14″Sun Tunnel.
The 22" is used mostly in larger areas or where the ceiling is higher.

The 14″ Sun Tunnel has literally twice the reflective surface of the smaller 10" units and brings in about twice the light. We also carry commercial Sun Tunnels in 14" and 22", They are more suitable for a flat or low sloped roof.

Q. What does a Light Tube Skylight cost?

A. Installed we charge $1050 for a 10″ Sun Tunnel. That price includes the first four feet through the attic, each Linear foot of extension adds $38. Most of our installs need one or two extensions but we can traverse up to twenty feet through an attic with limited effect on the amount light delivered below.
The 14″ units are $100 more while the 22" units cost about twice that of a 10" unit.
However you can receive a 30% solar tax credit by adding a Solar Powered Night Light.

Q. What about at night?

A. As you might expect the Sun Tube Skylights really don’t bring in much light at night, and the light that comes has a blue tint. However, a light kit is available to make your Sun Tunnel a ceiling fixture when there is no daylight.

This internal kit hangs inside the rigid tubing and is suspended on stiff wires. A LED of almost any size can be used to light the room or hallway at night. We recommend using a 60 watt or 75 watt equivalent warm white (2700 Kelvin).

VELUX now offers a solar powered night light that will illuminate the area beneath the Sun Tunnel with about 15 watts of light. The real advantage; the solar night light makes the cost of entire Sun Tunnel, including installation, eligible for a 30% Federal Tax Credit.

Call for current pricing and take advantage of 30% the tax credit.
It can save you $100's of dollars.

Q. What goes on the roof?

A. VELUX offers several flashing options.

The TMR is the standard dome used on sloped roofs.
The TGR is a low profile option used primarily on South-facing roofs.
The TLR has a glass rooftop lens and was developed for HOA or townhomes where rules prevent domed units.
The TCR is for use on flat roofs where a curb is required and
The TXR / TZRL is designed for applications where a fire rating is desired.

Velux Sun Tunnel TMR
Velux TMR
Pitched Metal:

Available in 10", 14"
TMR (Rigid Tube) TMF (Flex Tube)

  • Consistent Daylight distribution throughout the day
  • Provides straighter tunnel run through most roof pitches


Velux Sun Tunnel TGR
Velux TGR
Low-Profile Metal:

Available in 10", 14", 22"
TMR (Rigid Tube) TMF (Flex Tube)

  • Best for south, west, and east facing roofs
  • Parrallel design to blend with roofline
Velux Sun Tunnel TLR
Velux TLR
Low Profile Flat Glass:

Available in 14"
TLR (Flat Glass)

  • Low profile design for a sleek appearance
  • Perfect where local ordinances or HOAs prohibit acrylic domes on roofs
Velux Sun Tunnel TCR
Velux TCR
Curb Mount:

Available in 14"
TCR (Rigid Tube)  

  • One-piece metal, Curb Mount flashing
  • Ideal for low pitched or flat roofs, a roof curb is required
velux Sun Tunnel TZR/TZRL
Curb Mount:

Available in 14"
TZRL (Rigid Tube)  

  • One-piece metal, Curb Mount flashing
  • Ideal for low pitched or flat roofs, a roof curb is required
  • TZRL (Flashing Kit included)

Q. What connects the Flashing to the Diffuser

A. VELUX offers Two Tunnel options.

Velux rigid

Rigid Tunnel

Rigid tunnels are recommended when there is a straight, unobstructed path from the roof to the ceiling, although they can be maneuvered slightly.

  • Flexi Loc™ tunnel systems for easy and speedy tunnel assembly
  • Brighter white light
  • Excellent for long runs
Velux Flex

Flexible Tunnel

Flexible tunnels are recommended when installation around obstacles within the loft space is required. They are the easiest product to install because of the maneuverability of the material.

  • Excellent for ease and speed of installation
  • Easily bends around attic obstructions
  • Helps diffuse sunlight in short runs
  • Ideal for shorter tunnel runs

Q. How long will a Light Tube Skylight last?

A. VELUX warrants the acrylic domes for ten years and the solid reflective tubing for 20 years. The rigid tubing in the attic should last a lifetime.  As with all products we install.

The Skylight Guys provides a ten year comprehensive installation warranty.
All warranties are transferable if the building on which our products are installed is sold.

Q. Can I put a Light Tube anywhere on my home?

A. Our installers here at The Skylight Guys always verifies the location before cutting holes.  Sometimes we find hidden wiring, conduit or heating/cooling ducts in the attic that interfere with a location.

Just because a location seems good inside doesn’t mean it won’t conflict with a valley or ridge on the roof.  By allowing our installer to evaluate the location we head off any installation issues before it becomes a problem.

And no, we have never had much luck trying to extend a Sun Tunnel through the second floor down to the first floor or basement. However we do have a solution with our solar powered light fixtures (RediLight)

Q. How many Light Tube Skylights can I have on my roof?

A. Aesthetically we don’t like to put more than two or three domes on any one face of a roof. If multiple Sun Tunnels are needed we often recommend the TLR glass lens units which are not as obvious on the roof.

Q. How long dos it take to install a Sun Tunnel

A. From start to finish, it takes about 2 Hours to install a VELUX Sun Tunnel® Skylight.

1. The Attic
First, your installer will go into the attic to check rafter locations, take measurements, and mark off where the ceiling and roof holes will go.

2. The Rooftop
Up on the roof, your installer will cut a hole and install the top collar, the upper portion of the tunnel, lens, and flashing.

3. The Interior
Back inside, your installer will cut a hole in the ceiling and install the Diffuser, a lower portion of the Light Tube that is visible from the living area. Then the reflective tunnel is installed to connect the two holes and seal the tunnel seams.

Then your new light will be on!

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