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If you notice leaks around your skylight your best move is to contact a certified professional for a comprehensive leak evaluation. With over 37 years of experience, The Skylight Guys are here to help with all your daylighting needs, large and small.

Skylight repairs and installation is best left to a professional.

Even though the initial cost may seem high, the investment for peace of mind is well worth the money.

If you notice a leak around your skylight you’ll want to diagnose it and have skylight repairs performed as soon as possible. In some cases, a leak around the skylight may indicate a serious need for flashing repairs or even replacement

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Common Problems:

Skylights are an elegant way to incorporate natural light into your interior scheme. A leaking skylight can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Before making any “improvements” that might cause long-term damage to your home take the time to educate yourself on identifying common causes of leaking skylights, what you can do to repair those leaks, and when you need to call in your skylight contractor for a professional inspection.

Problem #1:

Poor Installation

When it comes to skylights, quality craftsmanship is the most important thing – yes, proper installation is key to longevity and efficiency of your skylight.

One of the most common reasons for skylight leaks in the Gretna area is poor fitting due to inadequate installation. Installing a skylight requires precision and skill, as a result, it can sometimes be expensive. Rather than paying a professional to install the skylights, many people opt to hire an inexperienced roofing company or handyman to save a few dollars — some even go as far as attempting the installation on their own.

What a do-it-yourselfer might not realize is that the potential for damage to your home can be much more costly than the installation fee charged by a skylight professional. Instead of saving money, do-it-yourselfers often end up paying for the damages done by a leaking skylight, the cost of a comprehensive roofing inspection, and finally, the skylight leak repair. This can mean replacing carpets, drywall, or even worse, structural damages. Yikes!

Leak-free skylight installation is critical, and can be done – by a professional

Problem #2:

Poorly Handled Repairs

Another common mistake that can exacerbate damage is when skylight repair is left to the inexperienced. Rather than repairing the leaking skylight a home roofing company or handyman can further aggravate any holes or cracks in the panel, roof, or pane, which can result in costly repairs. Simple condensation droplets might lead the inexperienced to believe skylight repair is required. The solution may be as simple as addressing moisture levels inside your home.

Problem #3:

Reusing a skylight during a re-roof project.

It is not recommended to reuse a skylight while having your property re roofed.  Old skylights can have there glazing or flashings compromised while lifting the unit (and more often then not do) Most Roofing  companies employees don't have the knowledge or experience needed to properly install a skylight they use tar or roofing cement to seal the skylight, while this may sound like a good way to deal this a skylight, it is not. A skylight needs no tar or cement to be installed properly and Leeds to more troubles later on.
In fact a reputable roofing company will hire a certified skylight professional because they know who much damage a improperly skylight can cause.

If you are familiar with the structure of your home and roof and have experience in skylight installation, take a look for yourself. If the moisture is a result of condensation try rearranging large heat-creating appliances away from the area close to the skylight. If this is enough to stop the moisture, smile on your good fortune.

If, however there are clear signs of damage, you may need skylight repair, or there could be other structural concerns. At this point, it’s best to call a professional for a skylight inspection to protect your home from further damages over time.

Many homeowners attempt to install skylights on their own only to find out how difficult the task can be. Skylight installation is a serious business and should be left to professionals. However, for those brave (and handy) enough, the tips below should offer some basic guidance when it comes to proper skylight installation. The following information is just here to help. We do not recommend you attempt to do any repairs yourself, and we accept no responsibility for any misfortune you may encounter. Any repairs you do yourself are done at your our risk.

Before attempting to repair a skylight yourself please consider the inherent dangers involved.

  1. Falling from a roof or ladder is probably the biggest danger to consider.
  2. Glass breakage. Another serious danger to consider.
  3. A botched repair can make leaks even worse. Skylight repair should be left to a professional.

If, after considering the dangers of repairing your skylight yourself, read further for some sound advice

Diagnostics and Repair:

Step #1:

Diagnosing Skylight Leaks

The first step in any skylight repair is to identify the source of the leak with a thorough inspection. You’ll want to make sure the leak is not just excessive condensation that has moved along the underside of the glass and dripped down the side of the interior. This occurs more often in very cold climates, in single-glazed skylights, and in damp locations like bathrooms, kitchens, and greenhouses.

If your skylight opens, check that it is fully closed, and that weather seals are in good condition. In addition, think about whether the leak occurs only in winter, in fall, or when there is snow or ice on the roof. If so, then look behind the skylight for leaves, ice, snow or other debris that might be blocking the downhill flow of water and causing it to back up under the roof shingles.

You’ll also want to look carefully at your roofing, paying particular attention to vent flashing or other roof penetrations. A leak in these locations can travel quite a distance before finding its way to an indoor opening at the skylight. For roof and skylight inspections, hire a contractor skilled in skylight repairs.

skylight replacement Omaha

Here is an example of a worn-out skylight that is improperly installed.
Notice the Condinsation on the pane caused by an inpropper seal, the cracked self flashed frame with caulking on it. and the tightness of the roofing shingles. all of these can cause probluem for the homeowner.

Step #2:

Skylight Leak Repairs

Leaks at the insulated-glass frame may have permitted water to enter the window structure, forcing apart and damaging the seal of the insulated glass itself. If it’s determined that the insulating glass unit of the skylight has failed, you may be able to re-seal the unit against further water leakage. However, only a replacement of the skylight will remove the condensation and opaque skylight glass of a failed window unit.

If the skylight leak is at the roof flashing, it may be possible to make temporary repairs using roof flashing cement around the perimeter of the unit. However, proper repairs will require removing shingles near the skylight, installing appropriate flashing, and reinstalling new shingles in the area. Most skylights have integrated flashing or a special flashing kit that is specifically designed for the skylight and roofing material.

Skylight Repair Tips:

  1. Use a high grade roofing cement or a lap sealant to seal damaged shingles around the skylight.
    Never completely block areas that are used for water to escape from around the unit.
  2. Apply 100% silicone caulking to seal under the claddings by first removing the cladding, sealing where the glass meets the frame, then replace the cladding. Never put sealant along the edge where the cladding meets the glass as this will only trap the water in.
  3. If your skylight is still leaking, replace/repair the metal flashing around the frame of the skylight.


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